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“Botanical Fridas” is a series of fifteen, beautifully rendered, 8-foot tall sculptures and fifteen mini-sculptures, each of which represents a different point of view of one of the most recognized female artists, Frida Kahlo. And, like Frida Kahlo, each sculpture is accompanied by a mascot – a monkey, a xoloitzcuintle, and a deer. This exhibition debuted at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens and will tour internationally. "Botanical Fridas" is free and open to the public.



The Botanical Fridas exhibit will be on display throughout the Main Library (4001 N. 23rd St., McAllen, TX 78504) during normal library hours.


Monday - Thursday: 
9AM - 9PM
Friday - Saturday: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 1PM - 9PM


About Botanical Fridas

The Botanical Fridas project was born in Mexico from the concept of creating a cultural, aesthetic, and multinational proposal that serves as a turning point in public art installations in the world. Starting from the idea that the plastic artist uses a contemporary sculpture with the stylized figure of one of the most recognized female painters of the 20th century, Frida Kahlo, as an exceptional canvas. The intervention of these works of art gives artists the absolute freedom to reveal their creative process and project their talents to the crowds who admire them in urban settings. Creativity and ingenuity are like a bird, capable of flying as high as allowed.

El proyecto Botanical Fridas nace en México del concepto de crear una propuesta cultural, estética y multinacional que sirva como punto de inflexión en las instalaciones de arte público en el mundo. Partiendo de la idea de que el artista plástico utiliza como lienzo excepcional una escultura contemporánea, con la figura estilizada de una de las pintoras femeninas más reconocidas del siglo XX, Frida Kahlo.  La intervención de estas obras de arte da a los artistas la libertad absoluta para mostrar su proceso creativo y proyectar sus talentos a las multitudes que los admiran en entornos urbanos. La creatividad y el ingenio son como un ave, capaces de volar tan alto como se les permita.

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