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WiFi Hotspot Loans

MPL's Hotspot Loan Program seeks to provide internet access to families and households that lack these services. The mobile hotspots are easy-to-use and allow patrons to connect their laptop, tablet, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet. In an increasingly interconnected world, the Internet is vital in day-to-day life.Hotspot

In order to be eligible to participate in this program, individuals must:

  • Be 17 years and older, have a valid McAllen Library card (fees not in excess of $3.00), current government issued ID, recent utility bill (within 90 days) with a physical address from McAllen, Texas.
  • Loan Period: 14 days
  • Returns: Equipment must be returned to a staff member at the orange circulation desk at Main-McAllen Public Library
  • Borrowing Limit: 1 per household
  • Renewals: Allowed If no one is waiting for one, limit of three renewals
  • Holds: Allowed
  • Late Charges: $1.00 per day, maximum of $14.00
  • Lost/Damaged Replacement Fees:
    • $100/ Hotspot device
    • $10/ Hotspot cord
  • GPS: Yes
  • # of Devices that can connect at one time to Hotspot: 5
  • Simple instructions and tech support contact information is included with each hotspot.

Participating libraries: McAllen Public Library – Main
                                        4001 N. 23rd Street

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I check out a device? 
Stop by McAllen Public Library – Main, 4001 N. 23rd Street, and use your library card to check out a device.

Who can check out a device? 
Individuals must be 17 years and older, have a valid McAllen Library card (fees not in excess of $3.00), current government issued ID, recent utility bill (within 90 days) with a physical address from McAllen, Texas.

How long can I keep a Wi-Fi hotspot?
You can borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot for 14 days. Renewal is available for hotspots if no one is waiting. Overdue hotspots will have internet access deactivated within 48 hours beyond their due date.

Where can I return a Wi-Fi hotspot? 
A Wi-Fi hotspot must be returned to the orange-hued Circulation Desk where it was checked out. They may not be returned in bookdrops or other MPL locations. You must return the device with all the original packaging and accessories. Please fully charge the battery before you return the device.

How do I renew it? 
Wi-Fi hotspots are auto-renewing.  Renewals are permitted as long as no one is waiting for a hotspot, limit of three renewals.

How much does it cost?
Borrowing and using the device is free! However, check out our overdue and lost policy below.

What if I lose or return a Wi-Fi hotspot late? 
Overdue fines for the hotspot are $1.00 per day, with a maximum fine of $14. If the hotspot is lost, please contact the location where you checked it out immediately. The replacement fee is $100.

What if the device is lost, stolen or damaged? 
Please immediately visit the library where the device was borrowed and report the incident.

What if I need help with a Wi-Fi hotspot? 
If you need help using a Wi-Fi hotspot, contact 956-681-3000.

Can I reserve a hotspot? 
Yes, search the library’s catalog for “hotspot”.

Can I use the hotspot when I travel outside the United States? 
Yes, the hotspots work in the U.S. and Mexico.

Can I use the hotspot to make phone call or send/receive text messages? 
No, the hotspots can only be used to connect to your Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptop and tablets.

Is there any data limit? 
In general, there is no data limit. However, the service provider may lower speed or limit the amount of data that its network can handle for a short time.

If hotspot prompted to update software or firmware, what should I do?
The hotspot periodically receives software updates from the service provider. You can accept the update, which may take a few minutes.

Is information about my Internet usage tracked by the Library or the service provider?
MPL does not have access to or collect specific usage data, and does not provide patron information to the service provider.

Will I be asked for my personal information when I browse the internet using the hotspot?
MPL will not ask you any information when you browse the internet using the hotspot.

CONTENT NOTE: Content is not filtered by the hotspots, please be advised that it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor their children in their internet usage when utilizing these devices.

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