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South Texas Book Festival is held annually at McAllen Public Library, creating a space for everyone to connect with the joy of culture and imagination. Accessibility is a core value at McAllen Public Library, and we strive to ensure everyone feels welcome and included during all of our events. Here's how we commit to an accessible experience:


Physical Accessibility

-  Designated Parking: Conveniently located handicapped parking spaces are available near library entrances.

-  Easy Navigation: Ramps, wide doorways with automatic openers, and accessible pathways ensure smooth movement throughout the building.

-  Accessible Restrooms: Restrooms are fully accessible and feature ADA-compliant features like grab bars.

-  Drinking Fountains: Wall-mounted water fountains are strategically placed and meet ADA height requirements for easy access.

Additional Services for Patrons with Disabilities

-  Electric Mobility Scooters:
We understand the Main Library's vast size can be challenging to navigate. Electric mobility scooters are available for checkout with ID at the Welcome Desk.

-  Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired: MPL provides equipment like ZoomText, JAWS, and Merlin to enhance the reading experience for those with visual impairments.


Continuous Improvement

McAllen Public Library is dedicated to ongoing evaluation of our services. We value feedback from the community and continuously seek ways to improve accessibility and inclusivity for all patrons.

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